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Animation and illustration studio with a passion for creative, playful storytelling.

Create Shapes is based in Gothenburg, Sweden. It specializes in playful 2d animations, illustrations and posters with a colourful, painterly, analogue style. It is run by Ben Baker, an artist from the UK with over 20 years experience working with creative assignments for advertising, promotions, education and entertainment. If you would like to work together, or want to know more, then please get in touch︎︎︎.

Services include making educational animations, promo videos, animated logos and all types of motion graphics and 2d animated stories. Also making expessive illustrations for editorial content, posters, books and magazines.

When not working with commercial assignments, Ben likes to make and exhibit paintings, drawings, animations and posters which explore different aspects of the relationship between people, technology and nature. Depicting fake landscapes, grand interiors, odd machines, strange creatures and unruly nature in his work. Visit his shop︎︎︎and︎︎︎ to see more examples of his work.

Ben is also an active member of Koami art lab︎︎︎, a social art space and creative practice based in Ringön, Gothenburg. Koami is focused on the cross-pollination of art, technology and culture. 

Clients include: Nacka Kommun, Akademiska Hus, Västernorrlands Museum, Atacac, Balder, Burberry, Din Sko, Dolce & Gabbana, Elektron, Hubbster, Husqvarna, IKEA, Lindex, Louis Vuitton, OLW, Röhsska Museet, Santa Maria, Sioox, SR, SVT, Ung Cancer, Volvo, Wrangler and Zonnic.